Snapshots of Projects

Bass in Stand by Desk resized

The neck is from a Gibson Ripper.  The body is built from a resawn piece of mahogany. The two pieces were book-matched, glued and the shape cut on the bandsaw. I made a router jig to cut the neck socket.  The original was just glued in the socket but I’m thinking about adding a couple screws to anchor the neck.  The bridge, pickup and electronics are sitting on my desk waiting for some spare time to route the body and wire it up.

Wurlitzer Amp

This was the preamp/mixer/power amp module from an old Wurlitzer reed organ.  No one seemed to like the sound of the organ at the studio I was running at the time. The owner offered me the organ in trade for bringing in my Hammond M3 that wasn’t getting much use at home. The impedance of the reed pickups were pretty close to most guitar pickups. So one night I thought maybe I could use it as a guitar amp.  I plugged my guitar straight into the treble input and it sounded pretty great.  So I dismantled the organ.  Cut out pieces of the top and front of the case to make the amp housing and installed the speaker, amp, fuse box, on/off switch, standby switch and 1/4″ jack.  I added about ten feet of cable to the volume pedal.  And it’s been my main guitar amp ever since.


Single Speaker

These single driver speakers are called the Merrill Zigmahornets.  The drivers are Merrill DCA4s.  Dave Merrill spec’d the speakers and design the cabinet.  They sound great and are cheap and fun to build.  The drivers are only $65/pr and the cabinets can be built from a single sheet of plywood in a weekend. Here are a couple reviews:

6moon Zigmahornet Review

Enjoy the Music Zigmahornet Review

Speakers against Built Ins

These two projects get used daily.  The first is a prep station. It has a broad flat service for food prep, an ergonomic space for the compost bucket, a shelf for the microwave, a space for the recycling, a multi section utensil organizer and some general purpose storage at the bottom.  Removing the microwave from the counter doubles the amount of useable work space in the kitchen.  Having multiple areas for food prep makes cooking with friends and family so much easier and enjoyable.

Prep Station & Table

This last project has become our kitchen table but it was originally intended to be my desk. The first Thanksgiving Bre and I hosted we ended up using it as a second table.  It worked so well that it never made it back to my office.  The original legs were designed for a single person sitting at the broad front side. So they didn’t allow much leg room for anyone sitting at the ends of the the table. I replaced them with a pedestal style support that allows much more leg room all around the table. It is a perfect size for a couple. It doesn’t take up much room but can still fit four if we have guests.


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