A sweet infectious lullaby that you’ll start unconsciously humming. Guaranteed. Oyster y Barnicle by Bruce Delbridge

Oyster y Barnicle by Bruce Delbridge
This recording is from a fairly recent project I engineered for Francisco Gonzalez who was producing it for a fellow named Bruce Delbridge. Bruce is a character that lives half the year in Alaska and half in Tucson. He spent his youth traveling around South America singing songs and working on ranches.

Francisco helped Bruce arrange these songs and played most of the rhythm instruments. This pseudo-lullaby was by far my favorite song out of the bunch.  It’s a heartfelt story that feels like a victorian emigre parable. The tale of European servants who sent their children to America for the chance of a better life. They share their desire to make the journey themselves and wonder what has become of their children in that land of opportunity.  But told through dialog between an oyster and the barnacle attached to its shell.

The harp and strings are beautiful and Bruce’s vocals are perfectly vulnerable. He invokes the character’s  longing, loss and hope.

The picture next to the soundcloud waveform is of the space we recorded it in.  A back room in Francisco’s house.  I recorded most the instruments with a Josephson C550 omni directional measurement mic.  It is very accurate and reproduces the sounds around it, warts and all.  There is very little processing on any track or the mix as a whole.  A little reverb, a little compression and that is about it.


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